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Our Process

We offer a highly accurate, traceable, and easily manageable integral colouring system. We have gained an excellent reputation with our customers for our product and the technical support that we offer.


The Granumat automatic dosing system enables the easy, clean, and accurate colouring of concrete in a wide spectrum of shades using free flowing granular pigment.


Using the Granumat system provides speed and accuracy in production and almost entirely eradicates any space for manual error.


If a manual error did occur, we have quality assurance measures in place which means that it would be detected during the first batch. This minimises the chance of any raw material wastage and ensure a uniform colour batch after batch.

LRQA certified ISO 9001 logo

We are proud to say that our management systems are approved to ISO 9001 standard by LRQA.

The scope of this approval is applicable to the manufacture and supply of colouring systems for cementitious materials, together with colour matching services and the supply of related surface finishing products.

LRQA cetified
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