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slp colourtone employee making concrete samples

Quality Samples

We believe that high quality coloured concrete samples are the only way to get a true sense of what your final product will look like. This is why our experienced technical team will make every colour sample with as much care and attention to detail as we do with our final products. 

Our standard, bespoke and colour matched samples are all developed over four phases ...

small coloured concrete samples

Phase One
Small Colour Samples

First we produce a small sample of your chosen colour. When we are happy with the colour we will send the sample to you for feedback.


We recommend breaking the sample in half to see the true colour of the concrete. Breaking the sample also demonstrates the uniform colour which runs throughout the sample.


Once you are happy with the colour we will move onto the second phase of sample production.

small colour samples

Phase Two
Bespoke Samples

We then consult with you and request a sample of the raw materials which you will be using in your final product. We will also discuss the type of finish you require.


We use your raw materials and mix them with our pigment to produce a second larger sample. Using the specific materials which will be used in the final product is the only way to get an accurate representation of the final colour. 

This is where our experience makes the difference! 

We will make any adjustments to the formula which are needed to recreate that first colour sample.

integrally coloured concrete sample with exposed aggregate finish 7
integrally pattern imprinted concrete wallpaper 4

Phase Three 

Once we are happy that the colour is just right, we will add the required finish to the larger sample as discussed during the initial consultation.


If required we can produce more than one sample in order to illustrate alternative finishes. We will then send you the samples ready for your feedback.

Phase Four
Onsite Test Pour

When possible and if required we can attend site to supervise the pour of the on-site sample panel. This sample panel will become the reference for the colour and finish of the concrete for the duration of your project.

If required we are available to help ensure that the concrete batcher is knowledgeable enough to use our product confidently and offer guidance and support if needed.

ready mix concrete poured on site
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