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Enhance Your Concrete Project
with SLP Colourtone's
Concrete Pigment Range

When it comes to adding vibrant, long-lasting colours to your concrete projects, SLP Colourtone's granular concrete pigments are the perfect solution. 


With an extensive colour range and finishing products, and a proven track record in several notable projects, our pigments offer superior performance compared to traditional concrete powder pigment and cement dye. 


Say goodbye to messy powders and save money on costly liquid alternatives. SLP Colourtone's granular concrete pigments are the easy, cost-effective way to enhance every concrete scheme.

penzance promenade with slp colourtone penzance pink concrete colour pigment

A Rainbow of Colour

With SLP Colourtone, you have access to an extensive range of colours to bring your concrete projects to life. 


Our pigment palette includes natural tones that blend harmoniously with the surroundings, as well as vibrant hues, enabling your cement to make a bold statement. 


Whether you seek to complement or stand out, we offer the perfect shades for your cement vision.

barrell pebble seats with coloured concrete pigment

Versatility for Projects of All Sizes

SLP Colourtone's granular concrete pigment is suitable for projects of any scale or complexity. 


Whether it's small-scale architecture or large infrastructure projects, each colour pigment delivers consistent and stunning results:


Fairhaven Sea Defence, Morpeth Flood Defences, The Hope Statue, Blackpool Sea Defences and Penzance Promenade.

littlehaven with slp colourtone coloured concrete pigment

Superior Quality and Ease of Use

SLP Colourtone's granular pigment products are formulated with the highest quality standards in mind. 


They are supplied in water soluble bags, ensuring effortless blending into the concrete mix. This user-friendly approach helps save time and minimise potential measurement errors.

cyclist inprint in concrete

Unlocking the Creative Possibilities of Concrete Pigment

Unleash your creativity with each pigment, or experiment with various colour combinations and patterns. 

Whether you're an architect, contractor or DIY enthusiast, our pigments enable you to achieve remarkable results and bring all your concrete projects to life.

Our products can be mixed to create a bespoke colour - our technical team are the best in the business when it comes to pigment colour matching. 

coloured concrete pigment

Turn your concrete pigment project into a work of art with SLP Colourtone

Experience the difference that SLP Colourtone's granular concrete pigments can make in your projects. 


With their consistent distribution, durability, and UV stability, they are the ideal choice for achieving stunning cement and eye-catching results, compared to other dyes. 


Unleash your creative vision by choosing from our wide range of vibrant colours.


We value the feedback of our customers and constantly strive to deliver a great product and experience. Take a look at our customer review page to see what people are saying about us.

Granular Concrete Pigments vs Cement Dye

Each concrete pigment from SLP Colourtone has many benefits compared to concrete powder or cement dye. Here are a few good reasons to add colour to your cement:

Consistency and Even Finish

SLP Colourtone's granular pigment ensures a uniform distribution of colour throughout the cement mortar when mixed. It can prevent colour streaking, blooms, or fading that can compromise the final result.

Ease of Use

Unlike messy items like concrete powders, our concrete pigment is clean and straightforward to work with, minimising dust and simplifying the application process.

Strength and Durability

The unique structure of our concrete pigment ensures even distribution of colour through the mortar and creates a robust and visually appealing end product.

UV Stability

SLP Colourtone's pigments are UV stable, maintaining their vibrant colour even with prolonged exposure to sunlight. They ensure long-lasting beauty and colour for everything from pattern imprinted stamped concrete to bespoke cement items.

Competitive Price and
Quantity Flexibility

At SLP Colourtone, we understand the importance of balancing quality with affordability. 


That's why our granular concrete pigment comes at a competitive price, allowing you to enhance your projects and save money. 


We also offer flexible quantity options, ensuring you have the right amount of pigment for your specific needs.

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