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Technical Support

Our technical team have over 20 years of experience in colour matching and working with integral coloured concrete. We can guide and support you through every stage of your project, from initial concept and concrete mix design to colour matching, bespoke decorative finishes, and specialist aftercare, we offer so much more than coloured pigment.

colourmatching natural stones from sheringham beach by slp colourtone

Expert Colour Matching Service

Colour matching concrete is not an easy thing to get right. Despite the advances in colour matching technology that exist today, it is often the human element of colour matching that is the difference between getting it almost right and getting it right. We have many years of experience in colour matching by eye and we care about getting it just right for you.

High Quality Sample Production

We believe that high quality concrete colour samples are the only way to get a true sense of what your final product will look like. This is why our experienced technical team will make every colour sample with as much care and attention to detail as they do with our final products. We will take into account all elements of the concrete mix design and work with the customer to ensure the colour sample is a true representation of the final product.

colour samples.jpg

Mix design advice

There are many factors which can influence the final colour of your concrete. Our technical team are experienced in working with all types of aggregate, fines, cement, sand, finishing products and integral colour. For over 20 years we have worked alongside and in collaberation with many architects, designers and concrete specialists making us well placed to advise our customers 

Site visits

As you stroll along Penzance Promenade you will notice various shallow etchings in the surface of the concrete depicting the heritage of the promenade and the local area. Against the backdrop of our bespoke Cornish Sand colour you will find an array of dancing feet designed as a reminder of the original bandstand which historically stood on the Prom.

Team of Engineers

On site support

SLP Colourtone were pleased to supply the Buff colour for Aggregate Industries Artevia concrete for the Morpeth Flood Defence project in Northumberland. The Artevia Buff colour was chosen to complement the natural stone found in the local area.


SLP Colourtone were contracted by Birse & Blackpool Council to provide integral colour and consultation for the concrete design and finishing of the multi-million-pound renewal of the sea defences between Blackpool’s North and South Piers.  We are very proud to have been a part of the design and implementation of this flood defence scheme which won the Brunel Medal from the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) for its innovative design and construction technique.

blackpool tower colourmatched.jpg
blackpool sea defence.jpg

Fylde Coast

We colour matched to the local sand and stone found along the Fylde coast to create our bespoke colour Fylde Buff, this enabled the precast and flatwork concrete elements of the design to blend seamlessly into their environment.

For the exposed aggregate concrete two different retarders were used to achieve different depths of etch, this provided contrast and made the promenade more aesthetically pleasing. All the exposed aggregate was acid etched to clean the concrete and help ensure a uniform finish. 

Cleveleys Sparkle

During the consultancy period of this project, one of the architect's remits was that some of the concrete in the precast elements should sparkle to look like the sun bouncing off the sea. We arose to the challenge and worked in collaberation with other contractors to formulate a concrete mix design and source the raw materials to provide a concrete which did just that. Our Fylde Buff and Night White integral colours were used together to provide a contrasting base for this unique sparkling concrete.


Fairhaven Sea Defence

SLP Colourtone was contracted by VolkerStevin and Moores Concrete Products to supply our integral Fylde Buff colour. We reformulated the colour to match Moore’s Concrete Products mix design which was used for the precast elements of the project.
For the exposed aggregate concrete, a surface retarder was used to achieve the required finish. 

De Monfort University

SLP Colourtone were contracted by and worked closely with Aggregate Industries to achieve the desired colour and finish for this project at DeMonfort University in Leicester. We provided Aggregate Industries with the Ivory colour pigment for their Artevia range of integral coloured concrete and we also supplied the surface retarder, one of our popular finishing products.


Image by Aggreagte Industries

hope statue 1 keith hunter.jpg

Image by Keith Hunter

The Hope Statue

SLP Colourtone were approached by the artist Steuart Padwick to design a bespoke colour for The Hope Sculpture in Cunigar Park, Glasgow. This sculpture is the UK’s first cement free concrete superstructure achieving a 75% reduction in CO2 and it acts as a beacon of hope for mental health awareness. We were contracted by Aggregate Industries and London Concrete to colour match and provide an integral colour to match the beach stones found along the Caithness coast.  

The Dogs Trust

SLP Colourtone were happy to supply Aggregate Industries with the blue integral colour for their Artevia range to be used at the Dogs Trust wash in Darlington.  After years of remedial work, such as painting and patching, Dogs Trust were looking for a more permanent solution to colour this area, the idea was to eliminate the need for any remedial work and create a low maintenance area.

Darlington Dogs Trust.jpg

Image by Aggreagte Industries

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