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concrete should not be grey


At SLP Colourtone we specialise in providing high quality granular pigment for integral coloured concrete.

Our pigment is suitable for mixing into all types of concrete and mortar and comes in a wide range of standard colours. We also offer a specialist colour matching service to give a bespoke feel to your project. Our experienced technical team are available to offer advice and support throughout the process and will endeavor to supply you with your desired colour and finish.

We believe that we offer the most accurate, traceable, and easily manageable integral colouring system for concrete in the industry. We are passionate about what we do, and we care about our customers. We have gained an excellent reputation for our product and the technical support that we offer, from conception to production we are here to help you.



Our granular pigment is specially designed to be easily added to all types of concrete and mortar and is available in a wide range of natural stone and brighter colours. You can choose from any of our 45 standard colours from the Colourtone Colourchart, or contact us to discuss any bespoke finishing or colourmatching requirements.



Colour Inspired by Nature ... Matched by Colourtone

We can match any natural stone colour and almost any colour within the limitations of the pigment we use.



We provide a broad range of finishing products, including retarder (for an exposed aggregate finish), acid gel (for a light etch finish), bio protector, sealer and thinners. Contact us to discuss your needs